Just Us Kingz

The J.U.K., which is an acronym for “Just Us Kingz”, is comprised of 3 New York natives currently living in Atlanta. With their own unique style and respective solo careers – Boss Wonder, Mr. Dimelo and 7ven Thirty decided to join forces in 2014. Since the groups’ creation, they have been making a mark on the music scene by writing, composing and performing their brand of Hip-Hop, not only on a national level but internationally as well.
Their goal is to raise the Hip-Hop bar to another level, with their bilingual lyrical talents and unique musical approach. The culmination of their life experiences, diverse cultures and background has a strong influence on their musical vision. Not only does it show their growth as artists, but it also shows where they will be taking Hip-Hop music in the years to come.
Currently, they are members of Tha Corp Life, as well as a part of the Power Circle Collective.

7ven Thirty

Known for his hard, uncut wordplay and interesting concepts, 7ven Thirty has been focused on his only goal of being one of, if not the best Hip-Hop MC ever. The Harlem born Milwaukee raised MC, came from a not-so-easy upbringing. Surrounded by drugs, violence, and poverty, 7ven is looking to get passed all of life’s pains, by succeeding and spreading the message of reality in the streets and in society as a whole. 

7ven started rapping at the age of 11, and although he didn’t start recording songs until he was 20 years old. It didn’t take long for him to get the hang of it and put out mixtape after mixtape, such as “The Recruit” Part 1 and 2, “I Want In,” and “Intolerable Cruelty”; along with his most recent mixtape series “Back to the Trenches”. He has also had the opportunity to be featured on countless albums and mixtapes throughout the country, and is constantly working towards his goal of greatness. The currently Atlanta, GA resident is ready to show and prove why he deserves a spot in this rap game. 

Boss Wonder

Brooklyn native Boss Wonder grew up in a large family of musicians. The youngest in a family of eight, Wonder’s musical influence came from watching his brothers and sisters play and sing in the church band.  He was also highly influenced by Brooklyn’s diverse cultures, style, people and music; all which adds to his diversity as an artist and entertainer. Wonder’s road to entertainment started at the age of 6 years old when his father bought him his first rap tape, MC Shan-”Down by Law”.  From that point on, he knew he wanted to be an emcee. Later in his life, Wonder joined forces with engineer/producer “KG” to form Skyline City Records, an independent record label. They produced their own music, shot their own music videos, did their own photo shoots and continued to expand. Unfortunately the company disbanded in 2009, leaving Wonder to start from scratch, regroup and come up with a new strategy and come back even stronger. He continued to make great music, do interviews and grow. Not only into Wonder the artist, but Wonder the brand!

While collaborating with many up and coming artist and producers, Wonder has written and produced hundreds of songs and created a very extensive portfolio of great music. He has also released many projects to test the waters and identify his core audience. In doing so, he has positioned himself to be one of the most unique rising stars of our time. With new music, a new team and a strong work ethic, there’s nothing stopping him from reaching the top. In and out of music, achieving greatness and making history has always been in the forefront of everything he sets out to do.  Follow Wonder as he creates a musical journey like no other. It’s sure to be an interesting ride!

Mr Dimelo

A middle child of 4 brothers and 4 sisters has to find a way to stand out. Mr Dimelo aka Flaco, Mr Dimelo being the Spanish translation for What’s Up and Flaco being a Hispanic meaning for “Slim”, music became his creative outlet. Inspired by his brother Frank Castle aka Frank Tha Corp, Mr Dimelo began creating music at the age of 13. He went on to writing and selling poetry at the age of 15 and is using his passion to make a name for himself. A Bronx native of Dominican ethnicity, Mr Dimelo grew up fluent in Spanish, so his music fuses his Dominican heritage and NY roots. He also added some elements of the southern style when he moved to the city of Atlanta in 2006. 

Mr Dimelo has had the opportunity to spread his music throughout the world, showcasing in places such as Stockholm (Sweden), as well as having his music played in Africa, Europe, Dominican Republic, and of course all throughout North America.
Currently, Mr Dimelo released his highly anticipated album “Senzu Bean” (available on He is now focused on creating a new type of music that blends together his diverse background. He is fully hands on, working on projects, which include the building of a song resume for “The Transition 2”, as well as a group project and keeping active appearing in various open mic and showcases throughout Atlanta, New York and the rest of the United States.

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